The Karen Tran Master Floral Experience| Santorini, Greece [Part 2]

December 18, 2017

The Karen Tran Master Floral Experience- a blog series depicting our three days with Karen Tran

Photo Credit: Kollektiva Photographers 

Dear Royal Followers,

Okay, okay, we already know what you are thinking. We totally slacked off on filling you guys in on our Karen Tran experience in Santorini, Greece. To provide a brief recap on Part 1, we spent day 1 primarily focused on the "KT technique"; we indulged in local cuisine and enjoyed several local delectables; we networked and had the lovely opportunity to meet several industry professionals in which we have connected with since this experience.

Was the experience worth the hefty price tag? Depends on how you want to look at it. We did take a few tips from this experience in which we utilize today. We made the decision to attend as an investment in our craft; to learn from one of the best so we can one day be amongst the best. In addition, we all have always dreamt of visiting Santorini. This opportunity brought together four friends to see a different side of the world and it was ohhhhh so heavenly. Yes, it was worth it. Opportunities like this are absolutely priceless.

Our final day was entirely spent on the assembly and production of the largest floral arch one has seen in life. Thousands of flowers (from tulips, roses, phaleonopsis orchids, garden roses, hydrangeas, peonies, etc.) were processed and used to create this beautiful structure. All of our favorite florals were in one place! A florists dream! Upon completion of all decor elements, we quickly prepared for the Gala. We came to slay and not play games. Take a look at the beautiful images captured by local the photography team Kollektiva Photography and comment below to let us know your thoughts. Also, special thanks to Modish Weddings & Events and last but not least, the Karen Tran team for an amazing experience! 


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