Royal Colors of the Month: Slate grey, Orange, Ivory, & Gold

January 9, 2017

Dear Royal Followers!

It’s the first month of the new year and our first post in the new year! We cannot believe that 2016 is a wrap but we are thankful for all of the wonderful brides and moments we were able to share with the world wide web via our blog! 2017 is going to be a phenomenal year and we want to start this year with a non-traditional color palette for January. It’s still winter, well everywhere except Florida, so you probably will see hues of champagne, splashes of burgundy, and/or  winter wonderland white. That’s all perfectly fine however, we always encourage being different. That’s our motto. How about the hunter green and ivory color palette which is also another popular  one for this time of year. 

With cool air beginning to blow and most importantly, wedding season is back in full gear! We want to kick start this month with a beautiful color palette for any January brides out there! 

We’ve selected slate grey, burnt orange, ivory, and gold. This may sound pretty busy, but its not, if its strategically coordinated. These fun, yet romantic colors makes for a great fun, whimsical wedding or even traditional/elegant weddings, shoot, this is even perfect for a shabby chic wedding. The best way to pull off both looks comes into play with your floral/centerpiece selections. 

The goal is to try and keep your ceremony pretty neutral using the ivory and gold and then, hit them with the boldness at the reception.  One other thing to note, greenery is your friend (at least in this case). Keep them around and let them hang, literally. If we had to select our favorite flower for each color, it would be the following: Slate= brunia , orange= the majestic mokara orchid; ivory=peonies, and Sage= the stunning silver dollar eucalyptus.

Take a look at some vision boards we’ve pulled together and be inspired! Never hesitate to contact us for your event styling, wedding planner, and floral design needs!

Stay tuned for next month’s edition of Color Palette's WE LOVE!!!

***Majority of the photos in this blog post are from various sources such as Munaluchi Bride, theKnot, weddingbee, etc. in order to share and provide inspiration. 

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