Royal Colors of the Month: Maroon, Peach, and Sage

October 3, 2016

Dear Royal Followers!

It’s officially FALL! Yesssss! The leaves are slowly changing colors and falling gracefully to the ground. The cool air will begin to blow and most importantly, wedding season is back in full gear! We want to kick start this month with a beautiful color palette for any October brides out there! 

We’ve selected maroon, peach, and sage-doesn’t that sound like a nice recipe for an adult beverage or something? I know I would like a glass of that, please and thank you! This trio of colors makes for a great fun, whimsical wedding or even traditional/elegant weddings, shoot, this is even perfect for a shabby chic wedding. The best way to pull off both looks comes into play with your floral/centerpiece selections. 

The goal is to try and work in as much natural wood elements to make this come together perfectly….romantically. If we had to select our favorite flower for each color, it would be the following: Maroon= the delicate Dahlias; Peach= The majestic mokara orchid; and Sage= the stunning silver dollar eucalyptus.

Take a look at some vision boards we’ve pulled together and be inspired! Never hesitate to contact us for your event styling, wedding planner, and floral design needs!

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