"Aisle" Say...Unique Floor plans for Your Wedding Reception

July 9, 2016

Dear Royal Followers,

As you know, we are pretty vocal and live by the motto of “dare to be different.” Whether its your wedding theme/colors, your bridal attire, its okay to think outside of the box. With that being said, consider your floor-plan as part of this conversation. Yes, you don’t always have to have traditional round tables for your guests seating at your reception. 

Based on your venue, you may have the opportunity to consider some of the various options we have provided here in this post.

Having an outdoor wedding where space is not an issue at all? Consider the long family style, feast table set up as seen below.

If your reception is indoors and in a reception hall, yes, you can still be different! Depending on the venue’s capacity and your wedding guest count, consider some of these unique floor plan options below. Take a look and be inspired!


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