Royal Tip No. Renting or Buying a Fake wedding cake is GENIUS!

January 16, 2018

Renting or Buying a Fake Wedding cake is the MOST economical idea to date for your wedding budget! Does anyone know OR can guess how much this featured cake costs in total (or per slice, if you're that good!)???

This cake (estimated to feed 100 guests) from an average bakery in Tampa would costs minimally $1100! The prices of real wedding cakes have come to an all time high.  By renting or buying a fake wedding cake and serving sheet cakes that you can buy at your local grocery store or bakery, you can save hundreds of dollars! 

Fake cakes can give you the look of a luxurious wedding cake without the enormous price tag. A large portion of a real wedding cake usually goes to waste because not every guest will actually eat cake.
Fake cakes are visually identical to real cakes.  You just can't eat them.  This cake featured here was created by Ms Ganey of DupliCAKES (local small business serving the Tampa area). We now rent these cakes out to our amazing clients to be more cost effective. Ms. Ganey covers each cake with real fondant icing and decorates them exactly like a real cake. 

Renting a Fake Cake gives you the opportunity to view your cake before one of the most important days of your life!  There are no surprises!
'Cutting the Cake' is easy too.  There is a small section in the rear to have a small real cake (or cupcakes) already cut and placed behind the fake cake at cutting time.  You pose for the photographs 'cutting' the fake cake and then feed each other a piece of the real cake.  It is super easy and no one will notice that you haven't actually "cut" the wedding cake.  
Real wedding cakes are priced by serving.  For example - if you are having a wedding with 150 guests, the price per serving for a real cake will be around $4.00-$5.00 per serving (depending on the design of the cake too!).  That will total around $600.00 to $750.00.  And this is on the lower end of the cost scale of wedding cake prices.  If you rent a wedding cake for a price between $100.00-$150.00 and buy sheet cakes (on average, sheet cakes that will feed 48 people cost between $16.99 to $30.00), this will cost you around $200.00 total.  This is a HUGE cost savings.

Only you will know that your wedding cake is not real.   
You are able to still decorate your cake as you desire, add ribbon color of choice, real flowers at the top, or even a cake topper can be inserted into the grooves. 
Here are Royal Events & Services, we can drop off and pick up the fake cake from the reception sight for a small cost.  We NOW have packages that are all inclusive, pick up/drop off & purchase/pick up of your sheet cake. This is the most worry free option so contact us today to learn more!!! 
Your fake wedding cake can be displayed the entire time of the reception.  While your sheet cakes are refrigerated for ultimate freshness and taste. 

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