Royal Tip: What to do after you get engaged?

January 31, 2018

Firstly, congratulations on your recent engagement! This is an exciting time for you, your NEW fiancé, family & friends!

Believe it or not, although once you get engaged, you shoot right up to cloud 9, once the excitement settles, the next emotions are typically, the mixture of feeling overwhelmed & stressed. Not to worry, Royal Events & Services will provide you a few helpful tips to get you through this phase!!!!

#1- If family & close friends weren't already participants of "THE" engagement, call family & close friends immediately!!!! They should NOT find out via social media outlets once you post a pic of the RING! That could get messy

#2- Once you do decide to go "public" via social media, TURN OFF your phone & take a brief hiatus from social media at least for a few days! Unless you can handle the overwhelming feedback/responses/ congratulatory notifications you will be blown up with! This unnecessary stress can be all avoided by the click of a single button- the "OFF" button on your phone! :)

#3- Get those NAILS DONE- immediately!!! Nothing is worse than seeing pictures of your gorgeous ring and then our next focus is on chipped finger nails....ewwwww, ladies, go get a mani. Treat yourself! You totally deserve it! Or just paint your nails yourself hunnie! Everyone is going to say "let me see that ring!"

#4- Go celebrate! Whether its with your closest family/friends OR just you & your fiancé! Take a moment to celebrate your new engagement with some good food & laughs!

#5-The last but most important step is to CALL Royal Events & Services!!!! 

DO NOT start planning your wedding immediately. Take a breather. Come down from cloud 9. Discuss between you and your fiancé, a general budget & the next phone call is to US! Yes, a professional wedding planning/experienced company. Don't allow your family/friends to convince you, "ohhh hun, we can do this for you to save money. I've done planning before, I can handle this." Take a moment to reflect, what that statement really means; what did they really plan? How did it really go? Answer all of those questions and then, come to the immediate conclusion, that if something were to go wrong with friends planning your special/once in a lifetime day, that this could impact or even ruin your friendship.

Don't let this happen to you!

On that note, lets end with one of our favorite FRIENDS clips.....reason number 102 why you should NEVER hire your friend(s) as your wedding planner. It can get a bit personal & you don't want to ruin your friendship in the end! Hope you thought this was as funny as much as we did!!!!


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