Royal Tip: Attending a Winter Wedding- Wedding Guest Guide

January 6, 2018

Dear Royal Followers,

Yes- it's wintertime (at least in the US). As wedding guests, let's be sure we dress appropriately and consider the season. We pulled together some great looks for the ladies and the gents. Do not be afraid of metallic, textured pattern, or even velvet. Things that were considered out of style are revolving back IN style.

Since we are on the topic of wedding guests attire, let us drop some wedding guest attire etiquette here as well. Absolutely avoid wearing all white or ivory (unless summoned to by the bride/groom because its their specific theme). Women, please be considerate of thy cleavage. Remember, lets keep it chic but classy at the same time. Weddings are typically classy events and we do not want to give the wrong message to the couple nor their wedding guests by arriving in club like attire. Couples typically have a wedding photographer (and maybe even a videographer). These professionals are hired to capture memories of their special day. Please please please do not let your poor wardrobe choice be a lasting memory captured in these photos (or the video). This would last forever. Same with men, please be considerate of the occasion and dress appropriate. Hope this helps as you prepare to be a fabulous guests at a winter wedding! Continue to check back on the blog for more royal tips!



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