Royal Tip: Wedding Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

October 28, 2016

Hi Royals!

The great debate- Should you hire a wedding coordinator or a wedding planner? Before answering this question, let’s quickly define the purpose and significance of each.

Wedding Coordinators: Typically start working with you closer to your actual wedding date. At the initial consultation, they will meet with the couple and discuss basic information and even provide preferred vendor listings. Most wedding coordinators will run your rehearsal and also conduct complete vendor management on your wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly/according to plan. Some vendors set time constraints and will leave right before cake cutting. Here, at Royal Events & Services, we stay the entire event to ensure there are no issues and most importantly you are able to get your deposit back. The entire day from beginning to end must run smoothly.

Under this umbrella, there are also venue coordinators whom you may be assigned with your venue of choice. Typically, a couple would book their wedding venue let’s say 9- 12 months out. You’ve met the onsite coordinator whom typically is the person whom conducted your site visit. You instantly form a bond with this individual because you recognize him or her as your go to person for any wedding venue questions. What we’ve noticed is 8 times out of 10, by the time your wedding actually does roll around, that person whom you’ve bonded with and hold near and dear, no longer works for that event rental space. The turnover rate is extremely high. In addition, on your actual wedding day, the venue coordinator typically is off duty more than likely immediately after your ceremony ends (if it’s an evening wedding). Which is fine. They worked their shift. The issue is who is going to run the show at the reception and coordinate with your DJ? Who will be there to help you gather your personal items (i.e. flutes, cake knife set, etc.)? Who will ensure you get your deposit back at the end of the night by completing a walk thru to ensure everything looks good as expected?

Wedding Planners:
Full-service wedding planners traditionally are  involved with all aspects of your wedding planning. They are there for budget conversations, recommendations, site visits for prospective venues, and take on an active role in vendor selection.  The purpose of a full service wedding planner is to relieve their clients’ stress by managing all of the little details that can be missed during a process. This requires high levels of organization which is key to the success of planning your special day! They are the sole point of contact for vendors and manage these vendors from inception of a contract through your special day.  

Many wedding planners, such as Royal Events & Services, offer in-house design services while several others wedding planners need to outsource. We have been able to successfully offer florals, rental items, stationary, lighting, and so much more which helps our couples save on bundling as well as reduces the amount of additional vendors to hire. 

To conclude, we’ve provided you the difference of both options, now it’s up to you (as a couple) to decide what do you need to ensure your special day is stress-free, runs smoothly, and in essence, is the happiest day of your lives! Contact Royal Events & Services so we can further discuss!

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