Royal Tip: Listen to Thy Planner, Please!

December 6, 2017

Dear Royal Followers,

First of all, Happy Monday!!!!!
We wanted to bring up a hard, yet necessary topic for anyone currently planning a wedding (or special event). Apologies in advance if anyone gets offended but this is straight from the heart and we really mean well. That's why are clients (past and current) love us; for our candidness and honesty. There's no sugar coating over here.

Here's the deal. You enlisted the services of your wedding (or special event) planner for a reason. Trust Thy Planner! Yes, trust US. We have over 15 years of combined experience. As of late, we have been seeing on many wedding planning group boards/chats, brides attempting to educate each other on what "they think" should be done and how to handle this and that. Of course, there may be a few seasoned brides who are familiar with the overall process but, most of the brides in the chat, its there first wedding. It's hopefully their last and only wedding! We read the comments and sit back shaking our heads because the opinions of few, may ruin the wedding of their dreams. If this is your cup of tea, go ahead but if you do want to utilize your hired wedding (or special event) planner to their full capacity, trust us.

 Why trust us? Well, here's a few reasons why:

-We come with valuable information that we are eager to share with you to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars
-We value each and every client as if they are our own family members so its always an emotional moment for us once the wedding arrives because we know its the beginning of the couples new life together and also, the end of the planning process; so bittersweet
-We have built many vendor relationships and have insight on who's hot and who's not (i.e. legit, trustworthy vendors, etc.)
-We have your back! We have your best interest in mind
-We keep you on track (i.e. budget and overall time-line)
-We make this a stress free process, only if you listen to us

Thanks for tuning into this special public service announcement. As we are promptly responding to our brides questions and beacon call, please know if you are reading this and ever have a question, never hesitate to contact us today!

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