Royal Tip: Choose your Bridal Party Wisely

December 31, 2017

Deal Royal Followers,

We are super glad you came back for more royal tips. I suppose we are doing something right lol. Today, we wanted to touch on a topic that many may NOT want to hear or may NOT want to shed light; but the reality is this. It's your special day. Choose Your Bridal Party Wisely.

That's right, we said it. When selecting your girls (guys) to be by your side on your special day, please, please, please, take your time and think hard as to whom you would like to honor by selecting them to be part of your wedding party. There are no general rules or amendments that state "I've known her (him) the longest" or "I was in his (or her) wedding so I must return the favor." Nope-that's not how this goes. From all the lead up events, the bridal party should be your support system; your crew that keeps you sane through this planning process; the squad that puts out fires when any drama occurs; the beehive that always has your back. Their number one goal should be to serve and assist you. That was once the true definition of a bridesmaid (or groomsmen). Take the time, reflect, and then make your decision wisely. Hope you enjoyed this #RoyalTip

Photo Credit: Photos by Stephanie

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