The Karen Tran Master Floral Experience| Santorini, Greece [Part 1]

June 11, 2017

The Karen Tran Master Floral Experience- a four part blog series depicted our three days with Karen Tran.


The stars aligned and a tiny, delicate voice said “You must go to Santorini; you must be great; you must attend a Karen Tran Master floral class.” Little did we know that all three of these dreams would occur at the same time.  We booked our tickets, packed our bags, and hopped from plane to plane to make it to Santorini, one of the beautiful Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.  Let us just say, it was worth every hour, every penny, to get here. Breath taking views for days!!!!! Sorry for ranting, back to the regularly scheduled program.


Day 1 at the Karen Tran Floral Experience:

Immediately upon arrival, we were welcomed with open arms by the local host planning company Modish Events. We loved the cute classroom set up and the sweet aroma of roses everywhere. It was like we stepped into floral heaven. Once class started, Karen introduced herself/the team and shared her story which was very inspiring. Later in the afternoon, we had a change of scenery. We were introduced to some of her specific techniques that set her work a part from the rest via a demo by her trusted right hand man- James (he’s a super star, we tell ya, a super star!!!). 

This gave us the opportunity to ask questions in a non-traditional classroom setting.  One of the key points Karen stressed was the fact of “work smarter/not harder” and “be more efficient with the amount of time you have.” We all have been there/done that when prepping for a wedding and hours become minutes, minutes become seconds until its show time. Sitting back/scratching our heads thinking where did all that time go. Yeap, many times we don’t prepare effectively. She provided recommendations on how to get things done quicker via an assembly line and stressed also how preparation is key.


Fast forward……we were chartered to dinner back in Thira. Beautiful, stunning views here. 

Cheers to Day 1 - it was fabulous! We were able to meet other like-minded vendors ready to take their businesses to the next level. We received great social media tips as well as best practices when working with other wedding professionals.  Oh and one more thing, Victoria did not fall on day 1! Stay tuned and continue following our  blog for our Day 2 Recap, Day 3 Recap and a Special Edition: Give the “T” on KT Floral Experience.

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  1. Great pics......still remember this place like it was yesterday!!! You ladies did such a great job and are so committed to the craft. Keep flying high and do it globally :)


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