Royal Tip of the Day: Guest List

June 16, 2017

Hold up.....Hold up......Do not feel guilty about your wedding guest list.

Your guest list is what drives your expenses. Yes, this impacts your budget exponentially.
The higher your guest count the more food and beverages you need; the more tables you are required to set up (so more linens, centerpieces, chairs); now- do you see how easy it is for this to add up?

Right- now that we have your attention, be sure to start your list with your family and close friends. If you have wiggle room, then consider adding more, but never feel bad about not being able to invite this and that person. The way we see it is, if its someone you do not keep in touch with on a regular basis, why should they be invited to your wedding? Hmm….we will leave this right here.

Happy Friday folks!

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