Royal Tip No. 8: What to wear to a Summer wedding

June 2, 2016

Dear Royal Followers,
Summer is almost here. Heck, if you are from Florida, it felt like summer two months ago!
We've been getting several questions regarding what's wedding appropriate for a summer wedding, as a guest. Not to fear, we can provide a few pointers, tips, and better yet, some examples to ensure you are not only stylish but dress weather appropriate as well!

A general rule of thumb, don't got too short or too skimpy. Yes, its hot outside but, lets keep it classy people. Absolutely, stay away from white, eggshell, cream (unless its a wedding where the bride specifically requests her guests to wear these specific colors) OR unless you incorporate a splash of it here and there.

Be unconventional. In our day and age, the millennials have come to slay! Mixing and matching prints and textures truly do work!

Soft colors all in the same color palette definitely can be stunning. Tutu skirts are here to stay so definitely incorporate that in you summer wedding look.

Bright, vibrant colors in the summer absolutely works with proper accessories!

Jump/body suits if the fit is appropriate, seems to be trending right now as its very classy yet chic.

Lastly, we saved our favorite look for last. Loving this bold goddess look as seen below from a real wedding guests that wanted to make a statement at this wedding. Very classy and simply stunning!

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