Royal Colors of the Month: Mint & Coral are simply “mint” to be!

June 9, 2016

Heyyyyy Royal Followers! 

Ahhhh!!! The refreshing thought of the word “summer”. Is it because of the dramatic season change; the warm weather accompanied by an even warmer breeze lol? At any rate, what we love about summer is we get to use, play, and experiment with fun colors and we don’t have to be unapologetically remorseful about it either! This edition of Royal Colors of the month, we hand selected mint, for her fresh, soft color palette deserves to be paired with chippery, bright, and radiant color such as coral. Accents can either be gold (gold sequins-YESSS) or flip it the other way, and have accents of Silver. Can’t go wrong here.
We love this color combination for its fun, youthful feel for the summer. Still very much wedding appropriate. You just have to decide, what kind of bride (or groom) are you! So, without further ado, this post is dedicated to all of our June brides/grooms getting married out there! 
Take a look at some of our vision boards and be inspired!!!

Stay tuned for next month’s edition of Color Palette's WE LOVE!!!

***Majority of the photos in this blog post are from various providers such as theKnot, weddingbee, etc.

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