Real Royal Wedding: Westshore Yacht Club (Tampa)

June 6, 2016

Dear Royal Followers,

Love has no labels; no prejudice; no boundaries. Love is LOVE!
We are super excited to share these images from one of our very own! Myrna went and got married ya'll!!! She was such a stunning bride! Both girls were such as pleasure to work with. They knew exactly what they wanted. Stunning & Elegance. Simple, straight forward color palette consisting of white, navy, and grey. 

The scene: The Westshore Yacht Club.
Can we say STUNNING!!!!
If you have never been to this hidden gem, well, I suppose its not hidden anymore. It's a gorgeous exclusive club house stored away in the Westshore area. With yachts and beautiful blue/clear skies as your backdrop, what more can you ask for! We loved that this couple allowed us to utilize our baby (our acrylic mandap/ acrylic chuppah) which we are offered in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. We added hydrangeas, rusus, peonies, and dangling wisteria to the top to provide the complete elegant touch. Take a look at some of the images captured by the super talented Lo of Lo Vazquez Photography and be inspired!!!!

Photo Credit: Lo Vazquez Photography

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