Our love/hate relationship with Pinning

May 4, 2016

Hi lovies! How are you? Wondering where the heck we have been? We know, we know. Shame on us! We had a long hiatus due to wedding season. Sheesh, we absolutely appreciate all of our royal followers referrals and continuous support! We are where we are today because of you, you, and you. Thanks so much and we truly appreciate you!

Enough with the mushy stuff, back to our regularly scheduled program...

So, we may get a lot of flack by saying this, but we really do have a LOVE/HATE relationship w/ Pinterest. Like OMG, you have no idea. Its amazing. Its ingenious. Probably the best thing since sliced bread. We use it. We leverage our clients meetings and vision boards with this platform so it definitely is a great tool to utilize! That’s why we LOVE IT!
Here's where we start sounding crazy….Yes, although we LOVE pinterest. Sometimes it can be a wedding planner/event stylist worst enemy. Let us set the stage. You’ve been working with a client for so far for about 3-4 months. Her wedding isn’t for another 10-12 months. Of course, seasons change. Things that were “IN” back when we first started working together may no longer be “in.” Love the fact our brides are super proactive and organized by utilizing pinterest to create a million and one boards but that is the problem! Too many inspiration ideas/too many boards! Yes, its awesome to pin everything you see that you love but our role as your event stylist/wedding planner is to bring the entire look together. 
Yes, we absolutely encourage the use of pinterest, we're just begging you...plllleeasseeee, stay focused! Save your favs and place comments under each pictures, share your board with us (your event stylist/wedding planner), and lets all discuss how we envisioned pulling it all together.
See!!! This is why its a LOVE/HATE relationship for us! We truly love her (Pinterest) but man, can she be a pain sometimes!

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