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March 8, 2016

LOVE NOTES: Real Royal Wedding Review-

We're calling this thankful Tuesday!!!! From time to time, we love to share some of our REAL Royal Wedding reviews provided by some of our clients. Client reviews serve as a continuous reminder as to why we love doing what we do; why we are so passionate about this; and lastly, the constructive criticism makes us better/stronger from it!!! What sets us apart from other floral design/wedding/event companies is that we give 200% to our clients. 

When I tell you our Creator puts people in our lives at a specific time, for a reason, and a season, HE absolutely does! Without going into details, this bride right here called us a few months prior to her wedding date when she received an outrageous quote from a different local (Tallahassee) vendor, even from our professional opinion and review, it was marked up exponetially. We immediately grasped her vision and provided her our quote. She was more than pleased. During our initially face to face consultation, I had the opportunity to finally meet the groom as well as the Mother of the Bride (the brides twin!!!). These trio were such a pleasure to work with and cracked me up throughout the planning process. We had so much fun! That's how your planning process should be! If its not fun, perhaps you need to reconsider your planning team, ijs. 

Once the big day arrived, the couples family were soooo supportive. Especially mother of the bride (which at this point, I just started calling her "momma") mind as well, she had such a giving heart. She wanted to lend a helping hand in anyway possible to ensure her daughters special day was absolutely perfect. This sacrifice spoke volumes to me! 

Finally the ceremony! One of the most intimate/romantic ceremonies we have truly witnessed! Even I shed a tear or two. It was perfect! This day was perfect! Thanks again for entrusting Royal Events & Services  with your special day! May your union be blessed for many many years to come!!!!! xoxo

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