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September 23, 2015

Dear Royal Followers,

This blog post is for anyone curious of average wedding costs in the U.S., whether you are a current bride, or will be one day, this is a great, informative read.

We are aware of many articles and publications that post the average amount couples spent in previous year's for their ONE day of the glitz, glamour, & glory (yes, we emphasized the fact that this is one day- don't go broke from it). We love for our couples to go all out and plan their dream wedding, however, lets be 100% real-please do not spend all your life's savings, take out loans, or any of that foolishness. Life continues the very next day and its never good idea to start a new marriage off in large debt due to just ONE day. With that being said, lets jump right into the statistics followed by what we, at Royal Events & Services recommend and advise our couples to follow.

CNN Money reported average wedding cost in 2014 at a whopping....

The numbers don't lie people. In fact, many couples we've encountered over the past few years are very new to this industry. Makes sense, especially if you are newly engaged. Many have extravagant dreams of how they envision their BIG day and those same couples turn around and say that their budget for 150+ guests is $10,000. Granted, we can work with any budget. We've done weddings starting at $5,000 up to over $100,000. Reality sets in when couples want the large WOW factor centerpieces for little to nothing. We do our best to provide our recommendations and stylistic point of view and yet still achieve their wedding dreams but within their budget. For example, instead of having ALL tall arrangements filled with large, opulent, florals consider alternating with something short and a little more cost effective arrangement. Alternating arrangements is nothing new. This has been trending for decades but many newly engaged couples just need to be set on the right direction.

There's so many money saving tips we as professional wedding planners are privy to so don't hesitate to contact us any time for our professional opinion or even a complimentary consultation.

Below, also from CNN money, captures the priciest spots to get married domestically based on 2014 rates. South Florida is on the chart rated #14 at approx. $37K which really isn't too bad considering the cost of living in SoFlo. At any rate, we hope this provides you some insight on your upcoming wedding planning. If you do want to make your wedding day memorable for your guests as we as yourselves, something's not even money can by-The experience, the great people/positive vibes, & the love cherished on your special day should be all that matters!

Priciest spots to get hitched

Avg. cost                             
New York City (Manhattan)
Long Island
North/Central New Jersey
NYC Outer Boroughs
Santa Barbara/Ventura, Calif.
Rhode Island
Westchester/Hudson Valley, N.Y.
Los Angeles
South New Jersey
Washington, DC/Northern Virginia/suburban Maryland
Southern Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale area)

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