Fab Find Friday, is Back: Meet Dynamite Travel, LLC.

September 4, 2015

Hiya Royal Followers,

It's been a while since we've posted one of our FAB Finds but we could not let another week go by without sharing this one!!! We realize since it’s the end of the week, we like to end it with a bang! Fab Finds are worth getting super excited about especially if it can save you money on any thing: from party preparation, travel plans, to DIY wedding projects. Fab Find Friday's will highlight fabulous findings (from accessories, to d├ęcor, to photography-something that we think may be useful to you that is at a ridiculously low and affordable price).

This weeks Fab Find award goes to… 

Why YOU, yes YOU, should consider hiring a travel agent for your honeymoon planning, destination wedding, OR just your wedding in general (especially, if you have guests traveling from out of town)???

Reason #5: Response time is AMAZING! Dynamite Travel is always accessible via email or phone and they are very responsive. Any question you may have travel related, its best to seek a professionals opinion. Even better to seek the opinion of someone who will actually respond right away!!!

Reason #4: Accessibility to group discounts: Dynamite Travel has access to thousands of dollars worth of group discounts from room/airfare rates to even excursions. We absolutely recommend that you contact them first before booking your trip independently as they can save you money and who doesn't want to save money???

Reason #3: No more drama from your grandmama! Have you had your Dear ole Grandmother trying to book the hotel using the link from your wedding website and calling you every 5 minutes for help? Or has 20% of your wedding guests waited to the last minute to book flights/hotels and call you directly to assist with these arrangements? Why add this unnecessary stress to your long to do list. Brides hear us and hear us well! Dynamite Travel will not only save you from these stressful scenarios, they can manage this process for you so you can move on to better things, like finalizing your wedding day look!

Reason #2: Its more than just one thing you get by choosing Dynamite Travel. Let them customize your wedding guests experience from the moment they touch down. Allow them to create a full day of things to do for your guests up until the actual wedding. If this is a destination wedding, this is definitely key as guests typically arrive a couple of days prior to the actual ceremony/reception.

Reason #1: The number one reason why WE recommend and vouch for Dynamite Travel! We've seen them first hand work their magic to make a bride's travel arrangements for her destination wedding seamless and stress free! In addition, they are very knowledgeable and know the BEST and COST effective destinations for hosting your wedding. Point, blank, you need someone who knows what they are talking about and someone you can trust! 

That is why we go to Dynamite Travel for our own personal travel needs and recommend all of our brides/grooms to seek their assistance as well!!! 
Visit www.sodynamite.com today!

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