Royal Tip: Fun Ideas for kids at weddings!!!

August 12, 2015

Haaaayyy Royal Followers,

To have kids at your wedding or not to have kids... that is the question!

Yes, a very serious and sensitive question, indeed. We won't answer that question for you here today, but if you are "stuck" having kids at your wedding (trust me, we love kids....we have kids....we just want a break from our own, then read this blog post for some super cute and fun activities for them that will keep them occupied during your wedding.

Our first recommendation, if your venue has the space, is to create a "kids room" which is supervised either by hired, licensed day care professionals or someone you trust (just not family members so that they too can enjoy all of the fun & festivities!)

If this is not possible, then consider the following to place at your guests tables who are bringing their kids along:

1- Personalized bags or boxes containing trinkets to occupy their time during the festivities. This can include random items available at your local Dollar Store or even in the Dollar bins at Michaels Arts & Crafts.

Items such as customized coloring books that are wedding oriented; consider scavenger hunts, so the young, creative minds can search for things throughout the reception (i.e. the woman wearing a green gown or even simple searches such as the father of the bride)- whatever you decide, make it fun;

2- We've seen weddings where the couple have designated a corner in the reception area dedicated to our youngsters. Creative painting stations are always a hit! Maybe even have one of the oldest of the kids direct the younger kids on what the inspiration photo of the night is and let each artist paint away. At the end, let them present their artwork to one another explaining what it means to them. Each artist will get to take home their personal painting along with a nice goodie bag!

3-These past couple of years, Lego's have been the must have item for kids. "Building Our Love Brick by Brick," is a super cute way to incorporate this into any wedding. Again, have a section where kids can feel liberated and be themselves. Include treats and activities.

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