Rehearsal Dinner: CHECK!

August 24, 2015

Dear Royal Followers!

The rehearsal dinner is traditionally one of the first main events of the best weekend of your life-your wedding weekend! Let's ensure it sets the tone and is a great reflection of what to expect for the BIG day! We aren't saying go crazy on spending here, but just make sure its organized, fun, and memorable. 

Here's a few tips to consider:

1- Location: Since the wedding is the very next day, let your bridal party, family, and close friends enjoy themselves with a carefree fun filled dinner at a more relaxed setting. We find that most couples want their rehearsal dinner to be fun and an enjoyable experience. Yes, hosting rehearsal dinners at restaurants seem to be the most efficient, stress free approach, however, we like to recommend that our clients think outside the box and consider renting a nice clubhouse or even work out a deal with the wedding venue to utilize a smaller room for the rehearsal dinner since rehearsal already will be onsite. No matter the venue for the dinner, just ensure its cozy and allows for you and your loved ones to have a great time!

2- Music: If your rehearsal dinner is not being held in a restaurant, consider just bringing your phone or iPhone and connecting to speakers. Either create a play list OR use Pandora's music options. We find that the "Dinner Party Music" station is a good one for dinners. Music played at an optimal level is absolutely necessary to have in the background of conversations so that theres never awkward silence.

3-Decor: As event stylists, of course we are going to recommend decor for your rehearsal dinner. Something simple. Even a DIY project for those brides that are crafty would be appreciated. We always say no event or special occasion is too small because details are everything! If you need ideas on simple decor for your rehearsal dinner, check out our pinterest folder here

4-Wedding Party gifts: Traditionally, during rehearsal dinners, many couples present their bridesmaids/groomsmen with a small token for everything they've done throughout this planning experience and what they will do for the special day. Be sure to make this a memorable, thoughtful gift. Even consider customizing this for each girl/guy by including a cute thank you letter and maybe a photo of you and the bridesmaid/groomsmen in their gift boxes. Below are a few inexpensive examples to consider.

4-Parent/Parent Figure gifts: Let's not forget the parents or any parental figure that has played an integral role in your life. During the rehearsal dinner, this is a great opportunity during the speeches to acknowledge them and praise them for all that they have done for you. Simple tokens of appreciation would be appreciated. No need to spend tons on any of the gifts mentioned in this article. Just be a smart consumer when shopping. For the parents, consider the following ideas:

5-Speeches/Toasts: Lastly, think about the speeches/toasts prior to the day of rehearsal. Make sure its genuine and from the heart. This gives you the opportunity to be vocal about how you feel about each and every person that will be standing by your side on your special day. They were selected for a reason. Remind them of that during the speeches. Thank them for everything they have done to make the planning experience memorable.

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