Top 7 reasons you need a ROYAL wedding planner

January 18, 2018

Many couples contemplate on whether or not to hire a wedding planner. The answer is really easy if you ask us and to prove it, we've provided a list of the top 7 reasons why you should hire a planner thats ROYAL (our Royal Events & Services team).

Reason # 7: We've got your back
Let's face it. Its probably your very first time planning a wedding. You need guidance! You need protection (from those industry money thriving vendors who smell fresh meat a mile away). We will be with you for those times where decisions seem impossible and we will also be there to solve them. When you book your wedding venue, you will generally be in touch with the venues on-site wedding coordinator so that they can assist with logistics for your wedding day. This is not the same as having an independent wedding planner which is a HUGE mistake couples take assuming this person will be their entire wedding planning process as well as their BIG day. It is the job of the on-site coordinator, or catering manager, to ensure that the logistics and facilities are running smoothly. It is the job of a wedding planner to encourage your creative flow and to explore any ideas that make this the happiest day of your life. Your wedding planner will create a truly personal and unique experience to tailor your needs. Weddings require a lot of decision-making on hundreds of small details. These decisions will need to be made quickly so that the planning process moves forward. 

Reason #6: We have "Insider information" in the wedding industry

As wedding planners, we spend much of our time researching and building relationships with only the best vendors the city has to offer. It is our job to know who to work with and who not to work with. The relationship that a wedding planner has with vendors allows the wedding planner to become a strong negotiator. Wedding planners provide repeat business and loyalty to vendors, and so the vendors are easier to deal with and more flexible. We deal with vendors so that you don’t have too. This ultimately becomes a time & money saver. 

Reason #5: We are Mediators!
Believe it or not, some couples do not see eye to eye when it comes down to the decision making of their special day. Down the line during this journey, difficult decisions can lead to a build-up of stress. Sometimes arguments occur between couples or family members. This is where we become the mediator. We have dealt with family conflict and know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We are here to make sure that the soon to be mother-in-law still invites you around for Sunday dinners and special occasions. It is easier to say “the wedding planner thinks it is best for us to…” rather than to upset anybody.
Reason #4: We provide a fresh perspective!
All the bridal blogs and magazines can be a bit overwhelmed. Theres sooooo many nice wedding inspirations that you have to get a grip and stay focused on what will define your special day. You’re excited and you have so many ideas that it’s hard to focus on any one idea at a time. It is the job of the wedding planner to listen carefully to your personal vision. Chances are that you have a theme in mind and an idea of the colors you want to use. Wedding planners bring your creative ideas to the next level and inspire you so that your vision becomes a reality and every detail is perfect. We understand that this is your wedding day and you want it to be the best wedding possible. Let your wedding planner inspire you and give you ideas that will make this wedding a reality.
Reason #3: Minimize Stress which maximizes fun
By hiring a ROYAL planner, we take the wheel and lead you in the right direction to a blissful, stress free wedding planning experience. As the other points above mentioned, the magnitude of inspirational ideas accessible at your finger tips can be stressful; family can be stressful; even your fiancĂ© that says he (or she) doesn't want to be involved in the process however still peaks in every so often to provide their 2 cents- can also be stressful. Hiring us is worth every penny! Let's help minimize the stress and make this process so much fun!
Reason #2: Experience
Since you are the new kid on the block, you need a team full of experience. Our team collectively brings a plethora of experience ranging from wedding planning, floral designing, event styling and so much more.
Reason #1: Turning Dreams Into Reality
This is why we do what we do. Typical contracts are drawn up 365 days in advance of the big day. This means we spend a lot of time with our clients! That is why we are so passionate and emotionally attached to each and every event that we exceed our clients expectations 100% of the time! You may have so many ideas, so many visions of how you dreamt your special day to look/be like since a child. Let us help translate your dreams into reality! Contact us today!!!!

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