Royal Tip: Proposal season is here!

November 10, 2014

You didn't know? Its proposal season! Its like clock work. Its so true. Love birds are everywhere. Every year around the holiday season, we hear and read on our social media outlets, floods and floods of proposals and engagement stories. Its exciting news for wedding planners like us because that means, we will soon hear from these newly engaged brides/grooms to get a kick start on their wedding planning needs. To quick side note tips: 1)  For the newly engaged, soon to be bride, be sure you keep your nails looking their best!!! All your family, friends, co-workers, are going to say "let me see the ring!" The worst thing is to have chipped nails when having to show off your new beautiful rock. 2). For both the bride/groom, be sure to get that bad boy insured! Many couples neglect to do this. It would be such a tragedy if all your hard earned money literally goes down the drain because the new bride to be left it by the sink to wash her hands, and boom, its gone in matter of seconds. Don't let this be your story.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program...

That’s where you (Royal Followers) and us (your Royal events wedding planning team) come in.  If you hear of anybody who says “I do” and they are looking to start making some wedding plans, please keep us in mind and have them give us a call. 

We would LOVE to sit down with them and figure out together how we can work as a team and turn their special day into a very memorable one.

Enough with the "promo shmo-mo" stuff, we can't wrap up this blog post without providing some of our FAV, mouth watering, unique ROCKS that we've seen that makes you want to stop everything you are doing and stare in awe on how OHH-mazing and flawless it is. We truly know and believe the engagement ring is unique to each persons style, but at the end of the day, it symbolizes the love that two people share for one another. Its placed on ones finger as a constant reminder of that. With that being said, if its a reminder, we like to just conclude by saying..."you either go HARD or go HOME"  :) 

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