Color Palette's We're Loving- Aqua and Coral

March 13, 2013

Good For:  Spring/Summer Parties, Weddings, & even wardrobe selection

…And we’re back ladies and gents! New, improved, and re-energized to hit the ground running this wedding season! We have so much in store we just cant even take the excitement! We will do our best to keep you update to date on the latest happenings!!!

With that being said, we wanted to kick start this season with this uplifting, exhilarating color palettes we’re loving: coral and aqua-need I say more! Every now and then, we run into color combinations that are just to die for! Makes you want to slap someone and say, did you see that! Its gorgeous!!!! Well, not really, but you get my drift. If I could get married all over again, this would be it- the color palette that just whisks me off my feet as it shouts LOVE, LOVE, LOVE in every way possible! Coral and aqua seems to be a true match made in heaven. Its like peas and carrots/ grits and eggs, etc. Whether for your upcoming wedding, special event or even wardrobe selection, consider this color combo an option because its definitely on a level of its own!

Take a look at this month’s Royal Color Palette of the Month and be awed at our findings. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. It's breath taking!!! Enjoy!!!

Stay tuned for next month’s edition of Color Palette's WE LOVE!!!

***Majority of the photos in this blog post are from various providers such as theKnot, weddingbee, etc.

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