Royal Tip No. 5: The Cure to Sinking Heels!

November 18, 2011

Royal Tip #5:  The Cure to Sinking Heels

We are sure we are not the only ones out there that experienced the “sinking heel” syndrome. This is where you are walking in your best pair of sandals/pumps in grass or near cracks and your heel gets caught, and you begin to sink or get stuck which can ultimately lead to a tragic fall! Yikes!

Attention! Attention! There is a cure! SoulMates High Heeler is your remedy! Discreet and very easy to use. Fits on most heels since its made to be flexible/stretchable.

True Story: My wedding was an outdoor wedding and I heard about these a few years ago. As soon as I found where I could purchase them, I ran to a store immediately to test this out! To my surprise, it works! Can you imagine how much relief this takes off my shoulders. I had one less thing to stress about on my wedding day!!! As a user and a believer, get yourself a pair!!!

Below is a listing of reputable magazines & articles that have published and recommended this product to all! Take a look!!!

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