Impacts of COVID-19 in our beloved Wedding Industry

April 7, 2020 Tampa, FL, USA

From the onset of the spread of COVID-19 in Asia, many of us were still operating in go, go, go mode, never really stopping to fully grasp the seriousness and magnitude of this virus. With that said, yes, many people have and are still dying. We have to follow strict orders and guidelines to practice social distancing in hopes that we can do our part to help slow the spread. Due to the CDC guidelines, social gatherings take a major hit. Within the social gathering bucket, falls Weddings and Special Events = Our industry! We vividly remember, the week of March 9th (when the CDC guidelines were still permitting social gatherings for up to 200 or less), we received a phone call from our bride (to be wed on 3/14). that many guests were pulling out as a result of the increasing amounts of spread of this virus. It was understandable. People were afraid to get on airplanes and travel. She wanted to cancel! We advised "you mind as well have it. Everything is paid for. Plus, lets remember the purpose of the day. Its for you and your groom to express your love for each other. Even if its just you and him only on that day, lets make it a bomb photoshoot!" That it was! We were able to execute her wedding dreams perfectly!

Now, not all Couples were able to continue on with their wedding plans. In fact, the very next week, we were set to have another wedding at a stunning venue downtown Tampa. The venue proceeded to follow the latest guidelines from the CDC and close its doors until further notice. Yes, it was sad as it was wedding week for our bride. We had been working with her and her groom for over a year. We were at the final countdown and this happened. Wedding postponed suddenly. It was heartbreaking to discuss this with her as I knew she had been waiting for this day to come but at the same time, we were confident the Celebration would still go on, just at a later time. We immediately contacted all vendors to discuss future date options and within 24 hours, were able to lock in a new date, thankfully, at the same venue, and with all the same vendors.

We know this will be a challenge for many couples because think about it. Most of us in this industry get booked up to a year out. Our Fall is booked solid for Saturday Weddings (and a few Sunday Weddings). Imagine all other vendors (Photographers, DJs, Catering, etc.). With our impacted brides getting married from now until about May, we've been able to successfully reschedule their weddings with the same vendors on-board, its now just a matter on 'Rona to slow down OR a vaccination be created soon to put this all behind us.

On our social media thread, we are seeing so many posts of Couples Canceling all together. To those Couples who are considering canceling, don't do that. Love is not cancelled nor is your Wedding. Your Wedding can still happen! If you need assistance and guidance, our phone and emails are always at your disposal so feel free to contact us! We are here for you and happy to help!

As a community, we just want everyone to be Safe. We will get through this and put on the most memorable, best Weddings that the World has yet to see! Be safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Home!

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