Seating Chart/Guest Count- It doesn’t have to be hard!

August 20, 2019

Look, we feel your pain Brides & Grooms! The seating assignment tasks that we, as Wedding Planners, assign our clients may seem like a daunting one but it really does not have to be! Although this assignment is critical to the success of your celebration…pause, right there. Success? Yes, we said it. The success of your celebration can come in numerous waves. One being this topic at hand. Think about it. Let’s say you stick dear Auntie Debbie next to cousin Raymond who does not get along with and has not spoken to Auntie Debbie in decades. This could either go two ways (ugly or awkward). You get our drift now? We don’t want to derail the momentum of love and happiness so let’s be strategic here. Now that we are back on track, here are a few key pointers for our DIY couples out there OR our couples who have a planner but still need a little more guidance. We are here, happy, and eager to help! If you are still in need of help, feel free to e-mail or call us anytime! #TeamRES is always ready to come to the rescue! Take a look at the below tips and Happy Planning!

1). Start with the design & layout: For our clients, we create this for them and provide the numbering system already in the template. This allows you to ensure you put your VIP Family & Guests in close proximity of you two and/or seats with the guaranteed best views of all the action.

2). Start plotting at Inception: Sounds worse than what it really is. Basically, as soon as you create a guest list of potential attendees, start plotting by creating groupings. For example, group A can be intermediate family, group B, perhaps extended family, group C can be your bridal party, group D can be your College Buddies, group E can be labeled the Co-worker crew, etc. Have as many groupings as necessary to group like-minded people who can converse and have a good time together. Makes sense?

3). RSVPs are Final, now what?:  Now that you actually received your final head count, revisit the groupings to ensure there are no additions/subtractions and start plopping in names to actual tables. Be sure you are fully clear on the seating to a table. We would hate for you to assume 10 chairs to a table when in actuality, the table seats only 8 comfortably. This could add on more tables and a lot of frustration come wedding day. Planning is key in every aspect of your day.
4). Think about how to Display your seating chart: This step can be done early on the planning process or at least pinned (i.e. saved). There are soooo many creative or minimalistic ways to display your seating chart (or even create tented escort cards) for guests to find their name and seating assignment. Just be sure its legible for all guests to clearly see. We’ve included a few fun ones from recent weddings here in this post.

5). Once Final, Communicate! : Once you have completed the seating assignments, be sure your planner and sometimes even the Catering Manager (for plated meal purposes), receives the “final final” cut. Yes, Final is repeated because we know it’s realistic to have multiple iterations. It just comes to a point, you have to let go and relax. 10% of guests will not show up and/or have cancellations last minute, please do not stress yourselves out if and when this occurs.

Guests will be guests but let’s do our best and not stress over the Seating Chart! Let us assist you today! Contact #TeamRES!


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