Love notes: Client Appreciation

December 13, 2016

LOVE NOTES: Real Royal Wedding Review                                                                                -

It’s thankful Tuesday!!!! We love to share some of our REAL Royal Wedding reviews provided by some of our REAL Royal clients because it serves as a constant reminder why we do what we do; why we are so passionate about this; and lastly, the constructive criticism makes us better/stronger from it!!! What sets us apart from other floral design/wedding/event planning companies is that we give 200% to our clients.  

What can we say about Tara! She was so sweet and easy going. We were contacted to provide floral and decor services for her Vietnamese wedding in Tarpon Springs for over 300+ guests.  We were overly excited especially after hearing her theme and vision. We love her love story and wanted to share with all of our followers her sweet review that she left on this testimonial Tuesday! Thanks again for entrusting in Royal Events and Services!#RealRoyalReviews


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