Royal Tip: "Will You be my Bridesmaid?" Gifts

February 24, 2016

Dear Royal Followers,

Here are Royal Events & Services, we love to provide Wedspiration wherever we can especially as it pertains to simple, yet personable DIY projects for our brides!

Looking for a unique way to ask your girls "Will you be my bridesmaid?" Consider making personalized gifts. Set a budget is key! Most of us ladies (including myself) love to shop! We can very easily get carried away and overspend. As you will notice, during your wedding planning process, numbers are everything!

Even something as small as this, set an overall budget and stick to it! One of our brides needed assistance with coming up with a unique way to ask her 13 girls to play a special role in her upcoming New Orleans themed wedding. 

We incorporated her wedding colors and introduced the theme. In each girls box, contained a personal letter from the bride, along with roles & responsibilities, and additional wedding related information pertaining to her special day. Additionally, each box contained a few of the brides favorite things.

It doesn't required much to make a sentimental/memorable gift for anyone. Its absolutely the thought that counts. Be sure to start your wedding planning off to a BANG. Your girls will love and appreciate this. This will also motivate & excite them for your upcoming wedding. Set the tone! Go Big or go home! :)


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