Royal Tip: What will be trending in 2016?

January 4, 2016

Hey Royal Followers!

We are back and refreshed from our holiday break! Happy New Year! We hope everyone had the opportunity to relax, have fun, and kick back with family & friends! Now that the holidays are over, its time for all the 2016 brides to get ready, get ready, get ready! Your wedding here is finally here!!!

Our first post of the year, quite naturally, is the talk about what we foresee as big hits/trends for 2016!

Unique Themed Weddings:
Majority of the new age brides & grooms, at this stage in their lives, have attended quite a few weddings of their own that may have consisted of the same format, the same flow, and/or even similar color palettes. Not that there is anything wrong with this whatsoever. We just foresee this being the year of the trendsetters; the couples that not only want to make their wedding memorable but they want to create an "experience" using some theme that brings everything together from beginning to end. Movies seem to be the easiest way to complete this task. For couples getting married this year, start forward thinking to what big move releases will take place around your wedding. Outside of movie themes, other experiences couples can offer during their wedding can centralize around an objective such as..."Welcome to the Williams Fantasy Island." This theme can open the door to so many opportunities. From a live steele pan player to polynesian dancers. There are no rules to creativity!

Non-traditional Wedding Cakes:
We love wedding cakes; the bigger, the more ornate, the better; however, we foresee the future of the traditional cakes being trumped by unique, cost effective, DIY (do it yourself) alternatives. The donut hole tower cake, cake pop tower, & the rice krispie wedding cake are just a few examples of what will more than likely be commonly seen in 2016.

Not your typical wedding reception: 
We have noticed during our experience of planning weddings, once the ceremony is over, guests are typically very thirsty and hungry! The only thing that really matters to them is good quality food & beverages! This is what makes the experience memorable. Your guests don't care if its butler passed or stationary appetizers, they just want GOOD FOOD! Oh, and yes, presentation does matter! The point we are trying to make here is that this year, we foresee couples spending nixing the thought of spending big bucks on the large three (or four course) wedding menu. We can see couples resorting to  an array of tasty appetizers and treats to fill their guests bellies throughout the night! We love the idea, as long as there's enough for us to sample too! :)

Hope this post provides our 2016 couples with some inspiration & insight on what we anticipate to be trending this year in the wedding world! 

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