Royal Colors of the Month: Ivory, Green, & Gold

December 17, 2015

Hello Royal Followers,

Now before you go hyper ventilating on me, its okay to have "color" in your December wedding!You don't have to stick to all white winter wonderland theme or the typical Christmas color palette.

Haven't you heard us preach all year, that we want you to be unique; to stand out from the rest! Well, here's another way to capture the eye of your guests - in a good way! Soft tones of gold with the warmth of greens come together quite nicely to still form an elegant, chic affair.

Take a look and be inspired!

Stay tuned for next month’s edition of Color Palette's WE LOVE!!!

***Majority of the photos in this blog post are from various providers such as theKnot, weddingbee, etc.

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