Royal Tip No. 7: Revisited || Creative Guestbook idea

October 19, 2015

Dear Royal Followers,

A couple of years ago, we posted some great, unique alternatives to the traditional wedding guestbook option. Years have past, since that post, and just as years goes by, and the seasons change, so do trends!

Sick and tired of being so traditional? Yeah, us too! Don't come here expecting to see the "been there, done that" photo album guestbook or a wishing well. It's okay to be different!!!

Take a look a what we believe are the TOP FIVE most creative guestbook ideas for 2015/2016 that will WOW your guest but at the same time, look simply AMAZING!!!

#5- Polaroids are back! 

This has been trending heavily in 2015. In fact, one of our brides last year, introduced this idea and we swear, it went viral from there! She had an authentic old school polaroid camera, still in working condition. The new school polaraids can be found at any arts & crafts store. Stock up on the film however on websites such as ebay or amazon for great bulk rates.

#4- Quilts last forever!

We don't know about you but we all own one blankie and/or quilt that a relative has sewn together for us at some point in our lives. Quilts tend to last forever. Why not have your wedding guestbook be a quilt that you and your future hubbie can share in your new life together as one. You can either just have the patches laid on a table for easier access or hanging on a wall (as seen below). Either option is a great, super creative option!


#3: Postcard or Globe: 
For the Traveling Couple! 

Are you and your fiancĂ© that couple that enjoys to travel? If so, be sure to start collecting postcards every trip you take. This makes for a SUPER cute and creative wedding guestbook idea! Find an old mailbox in which you can spray paint into your wedding colors. Have postcards displayed around this. We even love the idea of having a vintage world globe instructing guests to sign anywhere on the map! Love this idea and if properly displayed, will make for some awesome pictures from your photographer!

                                      #2: Wine!!! 

Who doesn't love wine? Have a favorite wine that you both love? Consider making this your wedding guestbook and popping it open at your first, fifth, or better yet, your tenth wedding anniversary!

#1: Techi Era!!! 

In this digital era, it makes the most sense to go with a guestbook that is more in line with this times- a digital guestbook, duah! Companies such as Luma offer this type of service and would absolutely be a hit at your wedding or any special event.

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