Real Royal Weddings: Persian-Jewish Rustic Chic Wedding

September 10, 2014

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We were honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing couple based in Washington, D.C. to plan to perfection their rustic chic, multi cultural wedding in the beautiful metropolis of Tallahassee, Florida. 

Our beautiful bride wanted to incorporate the traditional Persian ceremony-the Sofreh aghd table and intertwine this with a rustic chic theme which was oh so appropriate at the venue of choice- Goodwood Museum & Gardens. 

What we found fascinating about the Persian traditional wedding is the abundance of symbolism. Each item carefully crafted has its own meaning. Starting with the cloth draped on the table (the termeh) represents generation after generation. This cloth simply symbolizes family and tradition. The mirror typically front and center facing the couple is to show the two their lives together as one. The candelabras on each side of the mirror sands for fire and energy. Spread throughout the table is a variety of food and delectable desserts. Theres a spice tray of seven herbs/spices to ward off evil. The large flat bread symbolizes prosperity for the couple. Additional items on the table include the decorated eggs, walnuts, hazelnuts, to symbolize fertility. Crystalized sugar symbolizes bringing about a "sweet life" to the couple. Lastly, the silver coins symbolizes wealth and prosperity. 

Let's not forget this celebration incorporate Jewish traditions as well. At the conclusion of the traditional ceremony, the groom stomped the wine glass and guests screamed "Mazol Tov!" Congratulations to an amazing couple! Our Royal Events & Services family wishes you many years of marital bliss! Thank you for this amazing opportunity to plan your special day to perfection!

Venue: Goodwood Mueum & Gardens (Tallahassee)
Photographer: Shannon Griffin Photography
Wedding Panner: Royal Events & Services
Caterer: Hamid Hassin
Event Rental Company: Party, Party, Party
Floral Designer: Royal Events & Services
Bartenders/Wait staff: Lisa's Bartending Services
DJ: DJ Firooz
Lighting: Larry of PSG

Diagram Courtesy:
Image Courtesy: Shannon Mathis Griffin Photography
Image Courtesy: Shannon Mathis Griffin Photography

Creative Seating Arrangement- Distressed Window perfect for a rustic chic theme!

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