Whoa Mama- Mother of the Bride/Groom gowns

April 16, 2014

Call me crazy (because for those who truly know me, they already do)…but since I've had my own little mini me (a baby girl), as a wedding planner/florist, I have already envisioned what her wedding day could potentially look like, thought about color palettes, all the intricate details, etc.

Granted, years from now, things will change, however, doesn't hurt to day dream :)

Anywho, with that being said, I'm really excited to one day be a "mother of the bride!" hahaha yes, this is crazy talk, but hear me out.

This blog post is to celebrate the mothers(or any special woman in the couples lives, grandmothers, aunts, etc.). No more boring "mother of the bride" dresses off the rack! Let's be fashionistas and turn heads! Yes, I will be that mother walking, my baby girl alongside her father, down the aisle, turning heads because my dress WILL be FAB! My look will be FAB! In fact, I will be FAB! 

Check out some gorgeous "mother of the bride/groom" gowns to inspire women out there to be fashionable and fierce at your next wedding or any special event.

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