The "Right" Wedding Flowers?

February 5, 2014

The Right wedding flowers? 
How to ensure you are choosing the right wedding flowers for your BIG day! 

Many of our Royal brides we've encountered over the years, usually have no clue where to start when it comes to selecting specific florals for their wedding bouquets, reception centerpieces, etc. 

As a florist, choosing your flowers is the most exciting part of wedding planning! So, if we are talking about YOU, not to fret. We've put together a short list of what you need to know that can aid in selecting your wedding day flowers/arrangements:

1- Establish Your Vision:

Determine what kind of bride you are. Are you a true minimalist? Or are you looking to do an uber-romantic Gatsby-style wedding? Create a file of magazine tear-outs OR join pinterest, if you haven't already (by the way, its the best thing since sliced bread). That will give us a clear idea of your loves and love-nots. For example, as many of our royal followers know, orchids can never do us or anyone wrong. We love orchids and find any excuse to use them. Take this centerpiece from one of our St. Petersburg, FL weddings and if you love orchids, pin (or save) this one now!

2. Consider Your Venue Specifics:
This tip is major! Think of your ceremony/reception sites as a blank canvas on which we will create your masterpiece. Is there hideous green curtains, obnoxious peach carpet, bright red wallpaper? On a brighter note,is your wedding ceremony taking place in an outdoor setting that may only require minor decor/flowers or maybe nothing at all. Typically with each and every couple we work with, we conduct site visits to aid in the decision process for colors (if desired). 

3. Size it Up:
Brides, this is the only time you will hear us say this! Don’t listen to your groom — size does matter! How many guests are you planning to have at your wedding? That number will determine how many tables and, consequently, how many centerpieces you’ll require. How many bridesmaids will you have to outfit with flowers: groomsmen, flower girls, family members, etc.? This will dramatically impact the price. On the other hand, if you are requiring fewer than average centerpieces, you may be able to get those peonies that you swore you couldn’t live without as featured below we hand picked for a recent royal brides bouquet! 

4. Budget friendly options:

Lastly, If you prefer to splurge on other categories for your special day (i.e. a nice well-known photographer, a designer wedding gown, the fanciest wedding cake-basically whatever you fancy), and want to cut back on expensive floral choices, go with the below list. All are very nice options and will save you a pretty penny in the end! Take a look at the below cost saving floral options from our recent weddings:

Babies Breath in bunches! Inexpensive, yet gorgeous!

Roses, Carnations, ranunculus, hypericum berries! 

Hydrangeas are huge and serve as fillers. Added spray roses, stock, and lisanthus!!

Carnations served on a cake platter!

 Various colored roses and green hulk baby hydrangeas

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