Royal Tip of the week: Keep Calm and Hire a Planner!

October 16, 2013

Recent advice I gave one of our new royal brides! "Keep Calm and Hire A Planner!"

Weddings are a meant to be a fun & joyous occasion for the bride, groom, and all family & friends!

Many times I've heard the following comments AFTER a wedding...
"I should have hired a wedding planner..."; "Man, I wished we hired you all to be our wedding planners. Our wedding day was so hectic since we went with XYZ company..."; "I wished I put aside money for a day of coordinator because making my family members work during my wedding was a big mistake. They could not even enjoy my day...."

The list of comments can go on and on and on!

When we meet newly engaged couples, we always advise them to create a budget; one that they can commit to continuously monitor and track. In addition, we always request that they create a "priority" list (i.e. there "must haves" or things they are willing to splurge on for their wedding).

Majority of the time, we see the same results listed as the top three items:
#1- A Great photographer
#2- The Wedding cake
#3- A live band

Whats wrong with this picture? That's right! Where is the wedding planner on this list???
Planners/Coordinators of any event or wedding sets the foundation of the success of that event. People tend to forget that someone has to keep track, monitor, organize, interject when needed, set up/pack up, and so on. Someone, that is not a family or friend, should be that person you can trust that your special day will run smoothly as planned. Wedding day coordinators and planners serve this purpose and so much more.

Take a look at a few of our Real Royal brides feedback posted on wedding and let there words speak for the importance and need of a GOOD wedding planner!

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