Choosing "THE" Shoe for your big day

September 27, 2013

As a woman who has an obsession for her everyday shoes, can you image the importance of selecting "THE" <<over emphasize this please>> shoe! It's very important. So, important, it can make OR break your entire bridal look! Not to fret! R.E.S to the rescue!

Continue reading this post to understand the importance or selecting the right shoe as well as royal tips for choosing "THE" shoe for your special day!

YES, YES, YES! The wedding dress takes CENTER stage, however "THE" shoe, is definitely a show stopper. The modern bride no longer needs to be to be traditional with a simple, all white, closed toe shoe.

Brides now are thinking outside the box and adding COLOR!  - Play up on color using one of your wedding colors or accents!!! It's O-KAY! Its your day and it will make for some AMAZING photo opps - TRUST ME!

You will probably find posts out there about ensuring "THE" shoe is comfortable. Ladies, lets be REAL. The hottest, flyest, most chic shoes, 9 times out of 10, are not the most comfortable. With that being said, its okay to change into some flats when the party really starts. We encourage that anyways so you can enjoy yourself with your new groom on the dance floor.

Lastly, whichever shoe ultimately becomes "THE" shoe, please ensure you have broken those puppies in alil before "THE" day. Do not let your wedding day be the first time you wear any shoe.

To all my brides, make sure you definitely DO NOT forget the importance of finding "THE" shoe, you will definitely THANK us later when you reflect back on your wedding day and most importantly view your final wedding images.

**The above collection of shoes are a collaboration from various sites

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