Royal Projects: It's all in the DETAILS

September 14, 2011

In continuation with last weeks post of the tropical inspired wedding of Kevin and Sharma, we wanted to share photos of those DETAILS we rave so much about. Yes, DETAILS! DETAILS! DETAILS! Are the elements that set your special wedding day or any event apart from the rest. Take a look at a few elements that WOWed our guests.

Escort Card Board:
Guests loved the unique design for seating arragements. Inside of the boring place cards sitting on a table, Royal Events & Services surprised the bride and groom with this custom made escort board in their wedding color/theme. Each guest felt special locating their on personalized name card. On the back side, each guest found their table name and number. Super cute concept that can easily WOW your guests.

 Photo Credit: ZDJ Photography

Inspiration Board #1 (for Tropical inspired wedding):
Focus on all the details of the color scheme all coming together.

Inspiration Board #2 (for Tropical inspired wedding):
More flowers!!!!!

Guestbook table/Foyer Arrangement:
                If you look closely, even the pens used for signing the guestbook have flowers!!!

Hand painted Aisle Runner:
Using the custom made monogram by Royal Events & Services, we also hand painted this beautiful aisle runner for the couples wedding day.

Marriage Time Capsule:
In case you were wondering what were in these pretty boxes from our previous post, these were custom made boxes for the Marriage Time capsule. There were three boxes labeled "1", "5", and "10" which represent each landmark anniversary. During cocktail hour, guests had the opportunity to fill out these cute cards for each year that stated "Where do you see the couple in 1 year....5 years.....and 10 years?" These time capsules were sealed and should not be opened until that specific landmark anniversary. Lets see if the couple actually compiles lol...super cute idea for guests to also add words of encouragement and share warm thoughts AND also reminds the couple of their special day everytime they see the boxes.


  1. You do such amazing work!!!

  2. How many times can I tell you how FAB this Wedding was! OMG! You did a superb job Victoria! Everything turned out beautifully! I love the board!!!!

    7eventh Letter


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