Color Palette We're Loving: August/September Edition

August 31, 2011

Burgundy+Golden Yellow+Green+Plum
August/September Edition

Good For: Tropical themes, Fall weddings
Here at Royal Events & Services, we thought it would be a GREAT idea to start sharing color palettes we LOVE on a monthly basis. Colors that we adore and recommend based on the mood, the theme, the time of year, etc.

Instead of making our blog all about showing our current projects, we thought it was important to also keep EAGER brides informed of WHAT's IN, WHAT's UNIQUE, and absolutely what we want to call, the Royal COLOR PALETTE of the MONTH.

For the Evening Tropical theme wedding:

For the Noon Day Tropical wedding theme:

An adorable favor idea in line with the theme!
                                                                 Coconut Candles!!!


 Of course we had to throw in our beautiful customized invitations

Stay tuned for the September/October edition of Color Palette's WE LOVE!!!


  1. Loving this - thank you so much for posting. Im in the process of planning my 2013 wedding and want to incorporate island accents since thats where he proposed. Love the new direction your blog is taking

  2. Great idea!!!! Loving this palette Victoria!!!! I'm sure brides will appreciate these types of posts for ideas and inspiration! Keep up the good work!

    7eventh Letter


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