Royal Tip #3-For the Love of Sweets: Love is Sweet!!!

June 10, 2011

Royal Tip #3: Candy/Dessert Buffets (Bars)

Although this is not a new phenomena, this is still very very popular at many events, not only just weddings. From birthday parties to baby showers. It can be a cost effective parting favor if, and only if, planned strategically. The most important thing to remember (aka"a golden rule") for having a successful & tasteful candy/dessert bar is:


To provide you with a wonderful resource for planning your future events,
we took the liberty of finding our TOP FIVE  

#5: Sunshine Inspired Dessert Bar
Ahhhh...everytime we see this dessert bar, it just makes us want to smile. Its soo pretty & well put together. The vibrant colors make it very attractive. It consists of various flavors of cupcakes, cookies, and candies ALL in bright yellow.
(Photo Credit: The Knot)
#4 Everything pink & orange Dessert Bar
This dessery bar scored our #4 spot because of its color scheme.
Pink and orange are fun and bright colors for any event.
We love how everything is consistent and comes together.
(Photo Credit: The Knot)

#3 Delectable Delights Dessert Bar
This Dessert bar made it to the #3 spot because of its use of various apothecary jars in all shapes and sizes & the tall simple, yet elegant, cupcake stand. Love it!!!
(Photo Credit: The Knot)

#2 Pure Blue Elegance Dessert Bar
This dessert bar takes the #2 spot due to its consistency and its elegance. The calla lilies accompanied with floating candles add a romantic feel to this dessert bar. This bar consists of assorted rock candies, blue & white swirl whirly pops, hard candy sticks, M&Ms, and the list goes on & on.

(Photo Credit: The Knot)

and tied for #1...Simply the best
(L) The theme is prevelant. All white everything. This one shares the #1 spot for it's elegance, it's precision and of course, it's sweets!

(R) Awww, this one touches my heart. I love damask, yellow, & black everything! The miniature cupcakes, the minature cake, chocolate dipped oreos, domino inspired brownies, lemon candies, the list goes on and on. This beautiful assortment of delectable delights shares the #1 spot because its just fabulous!!!
(Photo Credit: The Knot)

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  1. This is such a great idea! I want this color blue in my wedding.


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