Lions, Tigers & Bears, oh my!!! Welcome to Ju's Zoo

March 23, 2011

Events come in all shapes & sizes. It can be a ceremony, a competition, wedding, festival or birthday party. We had the liberty to host a birthday party for someone very dear to us, something we like to call a "kiddie soiree."

You all know that we love our "themed" parties!!!
Julien's first birthday party was no exception.
We created a Zoo themed party & incorporated several elements one can say, reminds them of the zoo! Check it out!

Birthday party invitations


Bingo Game
(we created questions that ALL relate to our birthday boy and the guests had
to come up with the response in order to place their bingo chip on the correct answer.
This was really fun because the guests got to know more about Julien.
This was a BIG hit and the adults got a chance to do something as the little kiddies played)

    "Welcome to Ju's Zoo" Door sign

Yum Yum sugar cookies
in the shape of an elephant!!! for each guest to take home

Two tiered fondant cake
 (inspired by the zoo animal invitation)
Top tier (marble w. cream cheese icing)
Bottom tier (moist yellow cake w. cream cheese icing)

Cupcakes- yellow cake with cream cheese icing

      Smash cake for the birthday boy                                    The birthday boy and his favorite cousin

The birthday boy was hesitant as to what to do with the smash cake,
but with just one taste, you already know- he just couldnt get enough!!!



  1. Now that's a precious lil serious right there. (Can u say precious for a boy?)...Well it is.

  2. AWWWWW how cute!!! The party looked amazing and Ju is toooooo adorable! He looked like he had a great time!


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