Royal Tip No. 7: Be Creative with your Guestbook!!!

December 9, 2011

Top Five Creative Guestbook ideas!!!

Sick and tired of being so traditional? Yeah, us too! Don't come here expecting to see the "been there, done that" photo album guestbook or a wishing well. It's okay to be different!!!

Take a look a what we believe are the TOP FIVE most creative guestbook ideas that will WOW your guest but at the same time, look simply AMAZING!!!

#5- Piece US together Guestbook

This idea to me is  VERY creative. Simply get plain white puzzle pieces and spread them on a table, of course, have nice linens and a small centerpiece (want this to still look like a wedding not a 1st graders project table). Get a nice frame explaining to guests what the puzzle pieces are for and to leave well wishes- OR- like the here in the second photo, the backside is the cards is where each guests would write their well wishes and the front side would be a piece of the puzzle which creates a large image of the couple. Super cute!!!

This is an amazing idea because in the end, the couple can put the pieces together and read all the cute messages. This can also be framed and kept as a beautiful keepsake.

#4- Type writer Guestbook

You may get lucky and still find one of these beauties in your grandmother’s storage or even a thrift shop. If so, and if it still works, this is such a super cute idea for those vintage lovers! Calling all Vintage Brides!!! Make sure you have a long sheets of paper so guests can write a message on how they know either the bride and/or groom and leave inspiring words/well wishes. This idea will take a lot of your guests back into time when the type writer was simply all they had to type of documents.

#3- Flower Power- DIY Project

DIY style-This wedding guest book is the ultimate DIY project. Have guests sign something related to the theme of your wedding, flower petals, a quilt, paper is a fun way to tie in any theme.

#2- Wedding Tree

 I’m sure by now, you have seen this idea at at least one wedding you’ve attended within the past two years. I say this because this idea has been around for a couple of years but is still fresh, still fun, and maybe a handful of people have actually seen it in person. Simply paint (or get someone to digitally create) a skeleton tree. The leaves can either be your guests fingerprints or in this other example, pre cut out leaves. Either way works and is still effective. The message behind this guestbook is these people witnessing your special day are the leaves that make the tree full and healthy (the support system of the bride and groom). Not only is it symbolic but will definitely be an amazing keep sake to frame in the couples home.

#1- Marriage Time Capsule

Of course, our favorite was going to be something used in a recent R.E.S wedding! The wedding time capsule!  This super cute, super inexpensive wedding guest book idea is a Marriage time capsule which is custom made (hand painted and a lil bling added). There were three boxes labeled "1", "5", and "10" which represent each landmark anniversary. During cocktail hour, guests had the opportunity to fill out these cute cards for each year that stated "Where do you see the couple in 1 year....5 years.....and 10 years?" These time capsules were sealed and should not be opened until that specific landmark anniversary. Lets see if the couple actually compiles lol...super cute idea for guests to also add words of encouragement and share warm thoughts AND also reminds the couple of their special day every time they see the boxes.


  1. As always great ideas...

  2. These ideas are so great and I am ALWAYS a fan for nontraditional!

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