A Wedding Planners worst nightmare!!!

June 11, 2014

Hello Royal followers,

Before we take a deep dive into this topic of concern, please by no means is this blog post to discourage anyone's current plans for their upcoming wedding or minimize a brides/grooms originality or free spirit. We are just simply voicing our opinions and stating facts from pure observations from past experiences. Now that we have cleared the air, a wedding planners worst nightmare is….NO ASSIGNED SEATING ARRANGEMENTS!?!?
Granted, for small intimate weddings (guest size of 25 or less), this is acceptable but when your guest list is over 100+, it is always recommended to have some sort of assignment seating even if its not the specific seat at the table, lets at least consider assigning a table to each guest. This eliminates a lot of chaos and confusion once the reception doors open. 
One prime example, there was a wedding we coordinated and the couple opted to not have assigned seating. Thats fine. However, what is NOT fine is that it became a first come, first serve situation. Meaning, there were only 100 place settings/chairs however over 150+ people showed up!!!
Of course, this is a nightmare for a wedding planner or even the bride/groom themselves because what happens in this scenario, you might ask? Of course, we would never go to the bride with this situation on her special day but it was quite obvious that 40-50 people decided to stand around/hang around until the party started. Can someone say awkward? 

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