Royal Treats: Let there be cupCAKES!!!

July 6, 2011

Take a look at the YUMMY cupcakes Royal Events & Services made for some special clients

Moist Yellow cake withe fudge/chocolate icing

                                                                  The most Moist chocolate cupcakes
                                                   you will EVER taste w/ Snickers/chocolate icing

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS moist chocolate cupcakes
(vanilla and chocolate icing)

Red Velvet cupcakes (sprinkled with walnuts)


  1. Great Job VIC! Keep up the good work :)


  2. Great work and I love the blog. You are extremely creative!!! Love it!!!
    Now following :)

  3. OMG! I almost licked my computer screen!LOL! Those cupcakes look divine! Thanks so much for always leaving the sweetest messages on my blog!


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